Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Install wave 3 application[New Method]

1. Download 8600 app to your computer.

- Start Kies. Do not attach your phone to computer.
- In Kies go to Samsung Apps.
- Select your phone as S8600 (Top-left icon in Samsung Apps window in Kies).
- Find and download 8600 app at your desire.
- Close Kies.

2. You need any hex-editor. Any one you like.
For download search google

3. Modify dowloaded 8600-app file.
- Open xvi32.
- Open 8600-app file you have dowloaded.(You can find the path to your file under Tools/Options in Kies).
- In hex-editor find text 8600 (do not forget to search in unicode).
- Change 8600 to 8500/8530.
- Save file and close xvi32.

4.Delete Kies database.
- Delete SamsungAppsLocalDB14.db3 file. Kies will recreate this file next time your start Samsung Apps in Kies. During this process Kies will treat your 8600 apps as 8500 apps.

5.Install 8600 application
- Open Kies.
- Connect your phone.
- Go to Samsung Apps.
- Go to your downloads. You will see 8600 app available for installation.
Do not press install.
Do not close Kies.
- Open xvi32.
- Open 8600-app file you've just edited.
- Replace back 8500/8530 to 8600.
- Save file and close xvi32.
- In Kies press Install.

This method of installation does not works for some apps pr games. eg. Tin Tin

So Request to all the users tha whoever uses this mehod just mention the app or the game name which worked and you were successfull to install it.


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  1. how can i install apps that is downloaded from internet or from pc